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MSD: Year 1, Training 2

Marysville School District

Part 1: SAMR

Topic/Session Activity
Welcome and how are things going?
Sticky Note:
One Success with the Chromebooks
One Challenge with the Chromebooks
The why and what of SAMR Mini Presentation
SAMR scenarios – 4 corners
Google Image search for SAMR infographic that helps you understand SAMR
SAMRize Activities

Part 1 – SAMRizing together

One person in the group makes a copy of SAMR Lesson Evaluation Template and then shares it with others in the group.

Part 2 – SAMR Choice   (3 choices)

Choice 1 – Watch SAMR in action
Choose a classroom example video.
Use the SAMR evaluation template to analyze what you see.

Choice 2 – SAMRize YOUR unit
Choose a unit you’ll be teaching before December.
Make a copy of the SAMR Lesson Evaluation Template.
Use the SAMR evaluation template to brainstorm how you can push your lesson through the scale.

Choice 3 – Explore something
Choose a tool or resource to explore.
How can that tool be used at different levels of SAMR?

TPEP Framework

Tuesday’s session notes:
Whole Group Deconstruct – SAMR Lesson Evaluation – Tuesday

Lunch How To Be Creative (Video)
Watch On Your Own

Part 2: Digital Citizenship

Topic/Session Activity

What is citizenship?

Add the digital – what does that change?

What does it mean?


What are you worried about

  • Discuss solutions to these issues?
  • What do you need to think about?
  • Where can you find out more?

Activity: brainstorm on one post it note – what’s the one thing you’re worried about (5 min)
concentric circles – share concerns (5 – 10 min)
Brainstorm big themes together & create big paper with themes, add your sticky notes to the “right page” (10 min)
Each group gets a big theme paper, participants look at one big theme at time (for 5 minutes at a time), people rotate through all groups (30 min)

  • add suggestions/solutions
  • no repeats
  • discuss what’s there already

Digital Skills



Rigor Redefined







Cohort 3:  Open the Google 8 Digital Skills We Must Teach Our Children

Read together leaving comments as you read.

How might you use this activity in your class?

Cohort 1 & 2:  Open the Google Doc Rigor Redefined

Read together leaving comments as you read.

How might you use this activity in your class?

Other Helpful Resources
Chromebook Apps & Extensions for Elementary Students
Creation Apps for Chromebook
10 Chrome Extensions every MS/HS student should install

Digital Citizenship Reflection
I used to think…  Now I think…

SAMARize a unit –  (Continued) Continue to SAMR a unit
Reflection and Survey

Collaborative Slides

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Survey of Today’s PD

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