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MSD: Year 1, Training 3

Marysville School District
Time Topic Format
8:00am intro/warm up

Link to Presentation

Resources from opening discussion:

  • One success I have had with the Chromebooks is ….
  • One thing I’ve learned / am still learning to do is …….
What is blended learning?
  • Search 10 minutes for blended learning or blended classroom
  • On an index card/sticky note write your definition of blended classroom/learning
  • Elevator pitch definitions
  • Table talk

Sketchnotes from each cohort

Introducing Essential Questions

What Makes Questions Essential?

Read Part 1 & take quiz

Begin activity The Streets of Paris are as Familiar to me as the Streets of Beirut

Will technology bring humanity closer together?

Do we care about each other?

Look up articles

Record them in the appropriate section of the Resource sheet

If an article is already mentioned in that section, it can’t be added again, each section must have a minimum of 5 articles

Jigsaw part 1: What POV most interests you

Sit in like table groups

Research based on resource sheet or find additional resources

Mini task: video journal entry – where are you in your thinking now?

To do this in class:

Further reading:

Continue learning about Essential Questions Read Part 2 – SSR Silently, Social Reading
Jigsaw part 2: Sit in mixed table groups
Create your team slides
Share your understanding from the previous group & come to an agreement
Create your team slides in the collaborative slideshow
12:00pm–1:00pm Lunch


Part 2: Google Forms

Time Topic Format
1:00pm Introducing Google Forms Activity: Google Forms Bingo
Demo – highlight key features

Read Section 3 of Essential Questions

p 10–16


Part 3: Work Time

Time Topic Format
3:00pm Work Time / Explore Canvas Potential sharing with concentric circles (where are you in your transformative unit?)
end at 4:00pm Feedback & Wrap up Feedback form
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