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MSD: Year 1, Training 4

Marysville School District
Time  Topic Format
Project Intro / goal for the day Link to Presentation

Resources from opening discussion:

  • Prepare a unit based on know skills and understandings
  • Reflect on Year 1 Training
  • Learn about Google Mymaps
EQ: How is learning changing in my classroom?

Warm – up / Intro


Blogging Rubric
Commenting Rubric
Concentric Circles to prep for the bathroom – food for thought for their end of year reflection “a year in review”


Part 2: My Maps + SAMR

Time Topic Format
App: My Maps How might you use this tool?

Where does this fall on the SAMR model for you?


Part 3: Doing the work!

Time  Topic Format
Main: Work Time Rework a unit between now and the end of the year to take advantage of your new learning and understanding


Part 4: Be a lone nut

Time Topic Format
Dessert: Pitch Small group in division or school groups

Lone Nut Video

Part 5: Video Reflection

Time Topic Format
Dessert: Video Reflection from the whole “year” Screencastify

Part 6: Google Classroom

Time Topic Format
Google Classroom sandbox
Google Classroom Extension

Continuing to learn

Elevator Pitch/SpeedGeeking based on learning from Canvas sandbox time

Online Course

Eduro’s Teacher Resource Page (freebies!)


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