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Chelan Workshop

So You Want To Be A YouTuber

Creating Your YouTube Channel

Exploring the YouTube Creative Studio

Create a Playlist and add videos to it

Upload your first YouTube video

Upload an image to use as your Thumbnail

Add a button to your video

Create and do a Hangout Live Event

Reflect on YouTube and its use in your classroom

FedEx Delivery

Time to Deliver

This time is yours to deliver something to show the group by 2:45

Autonomy: You have full range over what you create all I ask is that it in some way impacts your work.

  • Unit Plan where students use the create process
  • A plan for a teacher training to teach others about what you learned here
  • A video
  • How To videos for your staff and add them to your YouTube channel
  • How to videos for your students and create a YouTube channel

Mastery: What skills can you work on during this time? What is it you have always said “I would love to learn how to do that, if only I had the time.” when it comes to technology.

Purpose: To impact your students, school, district, community, yourself or the world at large in someway

Sharing Your Creation

Be ready to share your creation at 2:45

Feedback Form

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Activity 1: Deconstructing Images Worksheet

Images to Deconstruct (select your own, or try one of these):

Video: PBS Off Book: GIFS: Birth of a Medium

Example Gifs

Math (Chocolate cut)

Math (Fractions)

Science (Currents)

Literacy (Rhyming Words/Compound Words)

Literacy (Reflections on our work)

Social Studies (Maps)

Languages (Spanish)

PE (Running movements)

Economics (consumer product movement)


Reading (real life readers)

Australia state borders (Geography)

Fashion over decades (History)

Hieroglyphics (History)

Boolean Operators (Search skills)

Suggested GIF Tools:

Share your Creation

GIF Presentation