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Year 1 Training 3

Everett Public Schools
Topic Activity
Q&A with Everett HS and Sequoia HS


Managing A Technology Rich Classroom
A 1:1 Toolkit for ESD – go to link on screen

Scavenger Hunt Activity

Create Your Classroom Toolkit

 Demo Slam and Work Time
 Tools we may mention:

Other resources:

Evaluating New Tools
When you hear about something new, how do you determine if it’s worth using?


Other resources:

Exploring Canvas and Google Classroom
Canvas – Go to the ESD site, go to Students–>Student Tools, click Canvas

Google Classroom Help Center 

Explore Eduro Website
Everett Online Course – Log in with your Everett ID # and your normal Everett password

Survey to let us know your interest in taking the online course

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 Technology and TPEP


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